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See of Life – Reinfried Marass / Raja Alem

“See of Life” By Reinfried Marass

Sea Of Life

The frail body of a young boy.
Symbolizing the fragile human existence.
Centered in the Universe.

Caught. Swirled.The attempt to fish life.
To bring ashore. To determine.Miseries or blessings.
At the end it’s just a wave at the lake …
Descriptive words / explanation to this image kindly were added by Raja Alem in hindsight of the photo’s designated use (see below).


Mar de Vida 

El cuerpo frágil de un niño.
Simbolizando la frágilidad de la existencia humana.
El centro del Universo.

Capturar. Girar.

Tratando de pescar la vida.
Traerla a tierra. Determinarla.

Miserias o bendiciones.
Al final esto no es nada más que una ola en el lago…

Raja Alem

( This is an unofficial spanish translation by C.L)

This photograph by Reinfried Marass is a Unique 1/1 Edition Fine Art Print out of an image series especially visualized for the Charity Art Auction hosted by “Kunst fördert Kinder” – Eine Initiative von Round Table 17 Bielefeld and will take place in Bielefeld / Germany on November 11, 2012.
For an overview of the works donated by other artists see http://11.art-bielefeld.de/index.php/aktuell/werke-und-kuenstler/


See of Life de Reinfried Marass sera subastada junto a otros grandes artistas como Raoul Dufy, Max Leibermann, Max Pechstein, Markus Lüpertz, Christo, Hiller,…

La subasta se realizará en Bielefeld, Alemania el 11 de noviembre 2012, es organizada por  “Kunst fördert Kinder” – Eine Initiative von Round Table 17 Bielefeld

Más detalles de esta importante subasta: http://11.art-bielefeld.de/index.php/aktuell/werke-und-kuenstler/




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