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QR Codes & Visual Art

A quick glance at Los Angeles based artist, Guillermo Bert‘s work would certainly not provide the amazing depth they can offer the viewer. Chile born, Bert has found a way to work QR codes – the latest of barcodes that can hold up to 200x more information – into his weavings, which resemble the patterns and work of the Indigenous people of the America’s.

Redemption, 2012
Wool and natural dyes encoded with Aztec code
Woven by Anita Paillamil

“By combining high-tech soft-ware and industrial processes with indigenous arts and loom techniques, and by translating ancient narratives into modern tapestries, I hope to highlight the struggles of indigenous peoples attempting to restore their culture in a globalized world.” Guillermo Bert

I find it simply incredible how technology works with visual art, and how artists are finding ways to expand how we perceive art and technology. Bert is able to connect modern weaving and textiles with that of the Mapuche people, and taking it a step further by introducing QR codes which add a narration to the pieces we may not have been able to experience before.


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