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El Degüello : Reinfried Marass

El Degüello

El Degüello is a bugle call, notable in the US for its use as a march by Mexican Army buglers during the 1836 Siege and Battle of the Alamo. “Toque a Degüello” was introduced to the Americas by the Spanish armies and was later adopted by the patriot armies fighting against them during the Spanish American wars of independence. It was widely used by Simon Bolivar’s armies.

“Degüello” is a Spanish noun from the verb “degollar”, to describe the action of cutting throat. More figuratively, it means “give no quarter.” It “signifies the act of beheading or throat-cutting and in Spanish history became associated with the battle music, which, in different versions, meant complete destruction of the enemy without mercy.” It is similar to the war cry “¡A degüello!”used by Cuban rebels in the 19th century to launch mounted charges against the Spanish infantry

El DegüelloFilm: RIO BRAVO  Music: El Degüello

 Rio Bravo – London Studio Orchestra – 1989 The Western Themes – Dimitri Tiomkin

Rio Bravo is a 1959 American Western film directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Ricky Nelson.

El toque a degüello, originariamente un despiadado toque de tambor y/o corneta que ordenaba a las tropas propias la lucha sin cuartel, sin hacer prisioneros, cortándosele el cuello de “oreja a oreja” a todo enemigo que se rindiera.

Originalmente, el toque era de origen musulmán, de los moros asentados en la Península Ibérica. Más tarde, fue adoptado por las tropas españolas.Luego fue adoptado como toque de trompeta de la caballería mexicana, que ordenaba a las tropas entrar en combate sin pedir ni dar tregua ni cuartel. Este toque incluía la orden de no tomar prisioneros, aunque se rindieran, y a estos se les degollaba.

El Degüello
Making Of | On set for the photo series ‘Detroit’s Final Ride’
Modelo Isabella concentrating to sax ‘El Degüello’

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One thought on “El Degüello : Reinfried Marass

  1. Unfortunately sources (such as the ol’ Wikipedia) claim that the _Rio Bravo_ version is *not* authentic.


    Posted by Arion of Eleutheria | January 2, 2017, 11:28 am

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