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Espero curarme de ti – Jaime Sabines

Espero curarme de ti
Jaime Sabines

Espero curarme de ti en unos días. Debo dejar de
fumarte, de beberte, de pensarte. Es posible.
Siguiendo las prescripciones de la moral en turno. Me
receto tiempo, abstinencia, soledad.

¿Te parece bien que te quiera nada más una semana?
No es mucho, ni es poco, es bastante. En una
semana se pueden reunir todas las palabras de amor
que se han pronunciado sobre la tierra y se les
puede prender fuego. Te voy a calentar con esa
hoguera del amor quemado. Y también el silencio.
Porque las mejores palabras del amor están entre dos
gentes que no se dicen nada.

Hay que quemar también ese otro lenguaje lateral y
subversivo del que ama. (Tú saber cómo te digo que
te quiero cuando digo: “qué calor hace”, “dame
agua”, “¿sabes manejar?,”se hizo de noche”… Entre
las gentes, a un lado de tus gentes y las mías, te he
dicho “ya es tarde”, y tú sabías que decía “te

Una semana más para reunir todo el amor del
tiempo. Para dártelo. Para que hagas con él lo que tú
quieras: guardarlo, acariciarlo, tirarlo a la basura. No
sirve, es cierto. Sólo quiero una semana para
entender las cosas. Porque esto es muy parecido a
estar saliendo de un manicomio para entrar a un


I hope to cure myself of you in a few days. I should stop smoking you, drinking you, thinking you. It’s possible. By following now the prescriptions of morality. I prescribe for myself time, abstinence, solitude.


Does it seem okay that I only love you for a week? It is not a lot, nor a little, it is enough. In a week you can get together all of the love words that have been uttered on the earth and set fire to them. I am going to warm you by that furnace of burnt love. And also silence. Because the best love words are exchanged by two peoples who say nothing to each other.


You have to burn as well  that other subversive side language of the lover. (You know how I tell you that I love you when I say: “It’s hot today”, “Could I get some water?”,  “Do you know how to drive?”, “It’s getting dark”… Between peoples, on one side your people and on the other mine, I told you, “It’s getting late”, and you knew that I was really saying, “I love you” )

It would take another week to gather all the love of all time. To give it to you. So that you can do with it as you please: save it, caress it, toss it in the garbage. It’s broken, that’s for sure. I only want a week to understand it all. For this is a lot like leaving the mad house only to go to the grave.


Jaime Sabines was a Mexican contemporary poet. Known as “the sniper of Literature” as he formed part of a group that transformed literature into reality, he wrote ten volumes of poetry, and his work has been translated into more than twelve languages. His writings chronicle the experience of everyday people in places such as the street, hospital, and playground. Sabines was also a politician.


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