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Aurel Bauh – Photographer

Aurel Bauh

Aurel Bauh – romanian photographer (1900 – 1964)

The young Aurel, very talented and art inclined, went to Paris to study with the great painter Fernand Leger. He introduced him to the ukrainian artist and sculptor Archipenko – with whom he will further his studies, in Berlin, in the early 20′s. Stimulated by friends, but by the fermenting art scene also, both in Berlin and Paris, he developed a big interest in photography. Very soon, he become present and visible in various exhibitions and artistic manifestations. In the first years of the 30′s, he returned to Romania. Very soon, he opened a portrait studio in Bucharest, called “43″. Caught by the war in a Nazi allied Romania, and then artistically immobilized by the communist regime, he resisted only by his exceptional talent and the support and protection of friends and former subjects like avangardist painter Jules Perahim, now soviet officer. Finally, in 1961 he decided to immigrate to Paris. Here, he started a new career in advertising and nude photography. All his efforts were cut in the spring of 1964, by his accidental death. His work, partially lost was dispersed between Bucharest, Tel-Aviv, NY and Paris. The majority of his works which survived was saved in a private collection from Germany. This is why his pictures are seldom seen and his fresh, subtle, incisive and technically accomplished work remains largely unknown.

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