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Jupp Darchinger: Photojournalist & Documentary Photographer

Wirtschaftswunder- Josef Darchinger

Wirtschaftswunder- Josef Darchinger

Josef Heinrich Darchinger, surtout connu sous le nom de Jupp Darchinger (né le 6 août 1925 à Bonn et mort le 28 juillet 2013 ) est un photographe documentariste allemand. « Jupp » Darchinger a documenté l’histoire de la République fédérale d’Allemagne depuis sa création. Son style distinctif a fortement influencé le photojournalisme. Photojournaliste indépendant depuis 1952. Cependant, son travail est beaucoup plus que des portraits de politiciens qui sont devenus des icônes de la photographie politique. Pas moins grands sont ses enregistrements des stars comme Anne-Sophie Mutter, Boris Becker et Günther Jauch. Miracle économique (Kunterbuntes Wirtschaftswunder) appelé Darchinger à son dernière ouvrage publié en 2008. Jupp Darchinger est décédé le 28 Juillet à Bonn. Vous trouverez une sélection de son travail photographique.

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Josef Heinrich Darchinger, especially known under the name of Jupp Darchinger (born on August 6th, 1925 in Bonn and died on July 28th, 2013) was a german Photojournalist & Documentary Photographer. ” Jupp ” Darchinger documented the history of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1950. His distinctive style strongly influenced the photojournalism. He worked like Independent photojournalist since 1952, with 1,6 million negatives where his work was published for the very important German newspapers as Der Spiegel and Die Zeit.

In 1943, in Wehrmacht, becomes American and later French  war prisoner. He escapes in 1947. Jupp Darchinger begins then a reconversion as technician of photo laboratory and later self-taught in photography. In 1948, married with Ruth Hofedank, a technician of photo laboratory experimented in Berlin.

His first camera is a second hand Leica III, bought from a war correspondent of the Wehrmacht. In 1952, he worked as independent photojournalist. His first  work started  for the SPD, then the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Inter Nationes, Vorwärts and other weeklies and German magazines. In 1964, he worked  for The Daily Mirror and Die Zeit.

VW-Kaefer- Darchinger

VW-Kaefer- Darchinger

Photos by Darchinger “Autos der 50er Jahre” (cars from 50s) http://www.autobild.de/klassik/bilder/autos-der-50er-jahre-1230921.html


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