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Savage Memories – Yehuda Amichai

I think these days of the wind in your hair, and of my years in the world which preceded your coming, and of the eternity to which I proceed before you; and I think of the bullets that did not kill me, but killed my friends— they who were better than me because they did … Continue reading

TOUCH ME, remind me who I am – Stanley Kunitz / Kansuke Yamamoto

TOUCH ME – Stanley Kunitz Summer is late, my heart. Words plucked out of the air some forty years ago when I was wild with love and torn almost in two scatter like leaves this night of whistling wind and rain. It is my heart that’s late, it is my song that’s flown. Outdoors all … Continue reading

My Thoughts Fly To You – Love Poems: Carol Ann Duffy / Peter Seelig

Miles Away I want you and you are not here. I pause in this garden, breathing the colour thought is before language into still air. Even your name is a pale ghost and, though I exhale it again and again, it will not stay with me. Tonight I make you up, imagine you, your movements … Continue reading

Rostro de vos – Mario Benedetti

Rostro de Vos by Mario Benedetti I have a loneliness so crowded so full of nostalgia and images of you of long ago good-byes and kisses welcomed of the beginnings of change and the last car of the train leaving I have a loneliness so crowded that I can organize it like a parade by … Continue reading

Sleep Spaces – Robert Desnos / Carmen Lobo

In the night there are of course the seven wonders of the world and the greatness tragedy and enchantment. Forests collide with legendary creatures hiding in thickets. There is you. In the night there are the walker’s footsteps the murderer’s the town policeman’s light from the street lamp and the ragman’s lantern There is you. … Continue reading

My voice because of you – Pedro Salinas

Letters to Katherine Whitmore: The secret epistolary of the great poet of love,1932-1947 was at last published in 2002, twenty years after Katherine Whitmore’s death, through the efforts of any, especially his son and daughter Pedro Salinas and solita Salinas de Marichal, who in permiting its publication also followed the wishes of their late recipient, professor Whitmore, … Continue reading

Die Walküre – Richard Wagner / Daniel Barenboim

Sieglinde C’est toi l’Avril rêvé par mon âme, aux mois désolés d’hiver : mon coeur t’accueillit d’augustes frissons, quand tes yeux vers moi fleurirent. Tout pour moi fut étranger ; sans joie mon entourage ; mon coeur jamais ne comprit, ce qui vint jusqu’à moi. Mais toi seul ce coeur t’a reconnu : dès l’instant … Continue reading

Your voice is wild and simple – Anna Akhmatova

“Your voice is wild and simple. You are untranslatable Into any one tongue.” Anna Akhmatova, The Complete Poems E-Book: http://www.poemhunter.com/i/ebooks/pdf/anna_akhmatova_2012_3.pdf Anna Andreyevna Gorenko(1889 – 1966), better known by the pen name Anna Akhmatova (Russian and Ukrainian), was a Russian modernist poet, one of the most acclaimed writers in the Russian canon. Akhmatova’s work ranges from short lyric poems to intricately structured cycles, such as Requiem (1935–40), … Continue reading

Rabindranath Tagore: One day in spring

One day in spring, a woman came In my lonely woods, In the lovely form of the Beloved. Came, to give to my songs, melodies, To give to my dreams, sweetness. Suddenly a wild wave Broke over my heart’s shores And drowned all language. To my lips no name came, She stood beneath the tree, … Continue reading

Victoria Ocampo and Rabindranath Tagore: a platonic love

‘Dear Gurudev, days are endless since you went away” – she wrote… ” when we were together we mostlly played with words and tried to laugh away our best opportunities. Whenever there is the least sign of the nest becoming a jealous rival of the sky .. my mind, like a migrant bird, tries to … Continue reading

Love Poem XIV: Neruda’s Sublime/ Chagall

Juegas todos los días con la luz del universo. Sutil visitadora, llegas en la flor y en el agua. Eres más que esta blanca cabecita que aprieto como un racimo entre mis manos cada día. A nadie te pareces desde que yo te amo. Déjame tenderte entre guirnaldas amarillas. Quién escribe tu nombre con letras … Continue reading

Luis Garcia Montero: El Amor

El amor Las palabras son barcos y se pierden así, de boca en boca, como de niebla en niebla. Llevan su mercancía por las conversaciones sin encontrar un puerto, la noche que les pese igual que un ancla. Deben acostumbrarse a envejecer y vivir con paciencia de madera usada por las olas, irse descomponiendo, dañarse … Continue reading

Carta para volvernos a ver

CARTA PARA VOLVERNOS A VER Gonzalo Rojas Escrita en el mar, el 25-10-58, entre las 2 y las 5 de la mañana, a bordo del “Laennec”, Navifrance, por la ruta del Atlántico norte. No publicada hasta la fecha. Lo feo fue quererte, mi Fea, conociendo cuánta víbora era tu sangre, lo monstruoso fue oler amor … Continue reading

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Dreams – Astor Piazzolla/ Carmen Lobo

Peter Seelig “Time is the reality of absence”

Elisabetta Meneghello “Astratto contemporaneo”

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