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The River : Herman Hesse / Hengki Koentjoro photographer

I am only a ferryman and it is my task to take people across this river. I have taken thousands of people across and to all of them my river has been nothing but a hindrance on their journey. They have travelled for money and business, to weddings and on pilgrimages; the river has been … Continue reading

Brief Encounter (1946) Film

On a cafe at a railway station, housewife Laura Jesson meets Dr. Alec Harvey. Although they are already married, they gradually fall in love with each other. They continue to meet every Thursday on the small cafe, although they know that their love is impossible. Brief Encounter is a 1945 British film directed by David … Continue reading

Kerouac’s Last Dream: Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Reinfried Marass

Kerouac’s Last Dream is an album by american folk musician Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, released in 1981. In his liner notes, Elliott writes “”I have been asked, sometimes, why I don’t learn new songs. These are old ones and I have sung them for a long time. They are good and I think they shall always … Continue reading

Reinfried Marass chasing Mrs. Columbo driving her Peugeot 403

From the archives: The Great Escape – French Rivera 1962 Madame De Papillon: Paparazzi chasing Mrs. Columbo driving her hubby’s Peugeot 403 Cabriolet on ‘Boulevard de la Croisette’ while she was joining the Cannes Film Festival in 1962. It was the very first time Mrs. Columbo was captured on film. Crédits: Car: Peugeot 403 Convertible nicknamed … Continue reading

Rain – Jack Gilbert / Robert Doisneau

Suddenly this defeat. This rain. The blues gone gray And the browns gone gray And yellow A terrible amber. In the cold streets Your warm body. In whatever room Your warm body. among all the people Your absence The people who are always Not you. I have been easy with trees Too long. Too familiar … Continue reading

Ugetsu, Tales of a Pale and Mysterious Moon … Kenji Mitzogushi

Ugetsu or Ugetsu Monogatari is a 1953 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi and based on stories in Ueda Akinari’s book of the same name. It is a ghost story and an example of the jidaigeki (period drama) genre. Set inAzuchi–Momoyama period Japan, it stars Masayuki Mori and Machiko Kyō. It is one of Mizoguchi’s most celebrated films, regarded by critics as a masterwork of Japanese cinema and a definitive piece during Japan’s … Continue reading

Body Language : Charles Wright – Masao Yamamoto photography

The human body is not the world, and yet it is. The world contains it, and is itself contained. Just so. The distance between the two Is like the distance between the no and the yes,                                                                            abysmal distance, Nothing and everything, Just so. This morning I move my body like a spring machine Among the dormant and … Continue reading

Rwanda, 20 years after the genocide: Portraits of Reconciliation by Pieter Hugo

NSABIMANA: “I participated in destroying her house because we took the owner for dead. The houses that remained without owners — we thought it was better to destroy them in order to get firewood. Her forgiveness proved to me that she is a person with a pure heart.”   MUKARWAMBARI: “If I am not stubborn, life moves … Continue reading

TOUCH ME, remind me who I am – Stanley Kunitz / Kansuke Yamamoto

TOUCH ME – Stanley Kunitz Summer is late, my heart. Words plucked out of the air some forty years ago when I was wild with love and torn almost in two scatter like leaves this night of whistling wind and rain. It is my heart that’s late, it is my song that’s flown. Outdoors all … Continue reading

I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair – Pablo Neruda

J’ai faim de tes cheveux, de ta voix, de ta bouche, sans manger je vais par les rues, et je me tais, sans le soutien du pain, et dès l’aube hors de moi je cherche dans le jour la bruit d’eau de tes pas. Je suis affamé de ton rire de cascade, et de tes … Continue reading

Paris before Haussmann by Charles Marville – Photography

Widely acknowledged as one of the most talented photographers of the nineteenth century, Charles Marville (French, 1813–1879) was commissioned by the city of Paris to document both the picturesque, medieval streets of old Paris and the broad boulevards and grand public structures that Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann built in their place for Emperor Napoleon III. This … Continue reading

Simone de Beauvoir Interview and photography

Simone de Beauvoir, The Art of Fiction No. 35 Interviewed by Madeleine Gobeil —Translated by Bernard Frechtman  Simone de Beauvoir had introduced me to Jean Genet and Jean-Paul Sartre, whom I had interviewed. But she hesitated about being interviewed herself: “Why should we talk about me? Don’t you think I’ve done enough in my three … Continue reading

Quelque part dans l’inachevé – Vladimir Jankélévitch / Robert Doisneau

Mais pour qu’il y ait rencontre, il faut être deux : l’occasion tient à la fois au moment de l’occurrence et aux bonnes dispositions d’une conscience qui oscille entre la verve et la sécheresse, entre les moments inspirés et les moments arides. Plus bref le passage de ce météore dans notre ciel, plus acrobatique l’effort … Continue reading

The crazy Quilt – John Korty (1966)

“Henry indulged Lorabelle in some of her fantasies, ignored others — and gradually realized that what she wanted most was the impossible: a declaration of love.” CRAZY-QUILT, THE (1966) Synopsis: An idealist (Ina Mena) attempts to cure her husband (Tom Rosqui) of his cynical realism, with little success. Review:  When one thinks of the great … Continue reading

Either/Or – The Stages Of Life – Søren Kierkegaard / Reinfried Marass

“You love the accidental. A smile from a pretty girl in an interesting situation, a stolen glance, that is what you are hunting for, that is a motif for your aimless fantasy. You who always pride yourself on being an observateur must, in return, put up with becoming an object of observation. Ah, you are … Continue reading

Yvette – Guy de Maupassant / Reinfried Marass

“You are in love,” Saval repeated. “No. She disquiets me, seduces and disturbs me, attracts and frightens me away. I mistrust her as I would a trap, and I long for her as I long for a sherbet when I am thirsty. I yield to her charm, and I only approach her with the apprehension … Continue reading

Pirelli Calendar – Helmut Newton and more

Yes, by Helmut Newton and you are not reading Designcollector Back to the Future digest. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its annual calendar, tire company Pirelli has made the decision to release a set of vintage Helmut Newton portraits from 1986 for its 2014 calendar. The calendar will feature 12 black and white never-before-seen photographs shot … Continue reading

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