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Anaïs Nin : The Diary of Anaïs Nin

“Something changes the moment you decide you’ve found a person you are ready to reveal parts of your soul to. Something stands out and makes the moment unique. A profound multidimensional clarity resembling a piece of carefully gathered stardust; As if you are whispering “finally” and your eyes fill with light and spontaneity. As if … Continue reading

Tonight everything hurts… Anaïs Nin – Henry Miller / Georgia O’Keeffe

[Henry:] “ Tonight everything hurts, not only the separation, but this terrible hunger of body and mind for you which every day you are increasing, stirring more and more. I don’t know what I am writing. Feel me holding you as I have never held you before, more deeply, more sadly, more desperately, more passionately.” September … Continue reading

A literate passion: Anais Nin & Henry Miller

“I want to both combat you and submit to you, because as a woman I adore your courage, I adore the pain in engenders, I adore the struggle you carry in yourself, which I alone fully realize, I adore your terrifying sincerity. I adore your strength. You are right. The world is to be caricatured, … Continue reading

Carta de despedida de Henry Miller a Anaïs Nin

Qué son las despedidas si no saludos disfrazados de tristeza? Lo mismo que el deseo y el placer de verte mientras te desnudas y te envuelves en la sábanas. Nunca has sido mía. Nunca pude poseerte y amarte. Nunca me amaste o me amaste demasiado o me admiraste como la niña que toma una lente … Continue reading

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