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Reinfried Marass “Portfolio”

“There exists an unwritten contract, a form of a codex, between the photographer and the viewer. A photograph must reflect the truth. A photographer must be credible. No lies. Raw and honest. I take pictures by reading the available light. I never have owned a flash or similar lighting equipment. I love to work with … Continue reading

Cadillac and dreams

Foto: Reinfried Marass – Cadillac Hardtop Sedan De Ville 1960 ReinfriedMarass.com 16 canciones fueron escritas para este auto, qué magico trabajo de Reinfried Marass! http://spintown.bandcamp.com/album/spintunes-3-round-4  Haz click sobre la cancion para escuchar: Share / Embed 1. Matt & Donna – Back Down The Road03:42 2. Pat & Gweebol – In The DeVille 03:15 3. Ross Durand – Rusty 03:20 4. Charlie … Continue reading

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Dreams – Astor Piazzolla/ Carmen Lobo

Peter Seelig “Time is the reality of absence”

Elisabetta Meneghello “I want to dance”

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