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La Chute : Albert Camus – Autobiography

Camus’ relationship with his wife was falling apart due to his indiscretions with other women. Francine then tried to commit suicide which left Camus with a sense of guilt. From 1955 to 1956, Camus wrote for L’Express. In 1957 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature “for his important literary production, which with clear-sighted … Continue reading

Notebooks – Albert Camus / Philosophy

I spent a long time looking at faces, drinking in smiles. Am I happy or unhappy? It’s not a very important question. I live with such frenzied intensity. Things and people are waiting for me, and doubtless I am waiting for them and desiring them with all my strength and sadness. But, here, I earn … Continue reading

The Invention of Morel – Adolfo Bioy Casares / Norah and J.L. Borges

La invención de Morel (1940) — translated as The Invention of Morel or Morel’s Invention — is a science fiction novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares. It was Bioy Casares’ breakthrough effort, for which he won the 1941 First Municipal Prize for Literature of the City of Buenos Aires.He considered it the true beginning of his literary career, despite being his seventh book. The first edition … Continue reading

Diary of a seducer – Soren Kierkegaard

Sua pasion’ predominante é la giovin principiante. [This predominant passion is the youthful beginnal.] Don Giovanni aria n° 4. “The sixteenth How beautiful it is to be in love; how interesting it is to know that one is in love. This, you see, is the difference. I can become furious at the rought that she … Continue reading

Heidegger + Photographers = a dangerous melange

“Falling, for Heidegger*, comes up in the context of an attempt to recapture the “sight of dasein’s everydayness”, which can seem to have been lost in the analysis of sofindingness, understanding and telling (the existential structures of disclosedness). We must remember that in its everyday being-in-the-world, dasein is “absorbed in the anyone”. This implies that … Continue reading

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Dreams – Astor Piazzolla/ Carmen Lobo

Peter Seelig “Time is the reality of absence”

Elisabetta Meneghello “Astratto contemporaneo”

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