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Plain Chant : Jean Cocteau / Pierre Jahan Photography

Je n’aime pas dormir quand ta figure habite, La nuit, contre mon cou ; Car je pense à la mort laquelle vient trop vite, Nous endormir beaucoup. Je mourrai, tu vivras et c’est ce qui m’éveille! Est-il une autre peur? Un jour ne plus entendre auprès de mon oreille Ton haleine et ton coeur. Quoi, … Continue reading

Dora Maar and the secret Jewelry of Picasso

Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso In the winter of 1935 Picasso became intimately involved with Dora Maar, a stunningly beautiful, passionate and acutely intelligent young woman. Dora’s influence was to stimulate one of the most innovative periods of his career. His personal life was in turmoil when they met: he had broken up with his … Continue reading

Paris before Haussmann by Charles Marville – Photography

Widely acknowledged as one of the most talented photographers of the nineteenth century, Charles Marville (French, 1813–1879) was commissioned by the city of Paris to document both the picturesque, medieval streets of old Paris and the broad boulevards and grand public structures that Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann built in their place for Emperor Napoleon III. This … Continue reading

Yvette – Guy de Maupassant / Reinfried Marass

“You are in love,” Saval repeated. “No. She disquiets me, seduces and disturbs me, attracts and frightens me away. I mistrust her as I would a trap, and I long for her as I long for a sherbet when I am thirsty. I yield to her charm, and I only approach her with the apprehension … Continue reading

Métropolisson (Paris Metro Photography 90’s) – Janol Apin

An excellent series of photographs by Janol Apin, created in the 90′s, which take the Paris subway stations litterally with humor and imagination. Le photographe français Janol Apin a créé une série de photographies « Métropolisson » à base de calembours visuels !

Los Sueños – Jorge Luis Borges / Buenos Aires Vintage

LOS SUEÑOS Mi cuerpo fisico puede estar en Lucerna, en Colorado o en El Cairo, pero al despertarme cada mañana, al retomar el hábito de ser Borges, emerjo invariablemente de un sueño que ocurre en Buenos Aires. Las imágenes pueden ser cordilleras, ciénagas con andamios, escaleras de caracol que se hunden en sótanos, médanos cuya arena debo … Continue reading

La pobreza como delito – Eduardo Galeano / Reinfried Marass

Mucho antes de que los niños ricos dejen de ser niños y descubran las drogas caras que aturden la soledad y enmascaran el miedo, ya los niños pobres están aspirando pegamento. Mientras los niños ricos juegan a la guerra con balas de rayos láser, ya las balas de plomo acribillan a los niños de la … Continue reading

Edgar Degas, Photographer

“These days, Degas abandons himself entirely to his new passion for photography,” wrote an artist friend in autumn 1895, the moment of the great Impressionist painter’s most intense exploration of photography. (…) Degas’s photographic figure studies, portraits of friends and family, and self-portraits—especially those in which lamp-lit figures emerge from darkness—are imbued with a Symbolist … Continue reading


What is a Holga? A Holga is a ‘toy camera’ designed in the early 1980’s in Hong Kongs to feed the country’s lust for photography. The concept was simple; a minimal, inexpensive medium format camera that uses 120 film. Giving the photography mad a chance to enter the world of medium format photography, the film … Continue reading

Closing Cycles – Paulo Coelho / Wolfgang Suschitzky

(a version of this article circulates in internet having me as its author. In fact, I did not write it, but I made a few corrections and decided to republish it here) One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we … Continue reading

My voice because of you – Pedro Salinas

Letters to Katherine Whitmore: The secret epistolary of the great poet of love,1932-1947 was at last published in 2002, twenty years after Katherine Whitmore’s death, through the efforts of any, especially his son and daughter Pedro Salinas and solita Salinas de Marichal, who in permiting its publication also followed the wishes of their late recipient, professor Whitmore, … Continue reading

Schiele’s Ghost by Reinfried Marass

Schiele’s Ghost – Recalling Egon Schiele and The Wounded Woman I was born in Vienna, but grew up in Neulengbach, a small town in Austria approx. 30 km west of Vienna, where also Egon Schiele has lived and worked and finally was arrested in 1912 for his erotic drawings and paintings, especially of young teens. … Continue reading

Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

  While digital photography and image-editing software have brought about an increased awareness of the degree to which camera images can be manipulated, the practice of doctoring photographs has existed since the medium was invented. Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop at The Metropolitan Museum of Art was the first major exhibition devoted to the history of … Continue reading

Famous Writers at Home : Photography

25 Fascinating Photos of Famous Writers at Home Ernest Hemingway, Jorge Luis Borges, Truman Capote, Agatha Christie, Virginia Woolf , Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Gertrude Stein, etc Source: flavorwire.com

Bruno Bisang: 30 Years of Polaroids

Celebrated Swiss fashion photographer Bruno Bisang exhibited an intimate collection of Polaroid prints of his most inspiring subjects at The Little Black Gallery in London (15 January 2013 – 9 February 2013). Bruno Bisang (born 1952 in Ascona, Switzerland) is a renowned Swiss fashion photographer. His photography has been seen in features of many international magazines, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Max, GQ and Amica, and he has shot … Continue reading

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Dreams – Astor Piazzolla/ Carmen Lobo

Peter Seelig “Time is the reality of absence”

Elisabetta Meneghello “Astratto contemporaneo”

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