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Sylvia Plath “Insomniac”

The night is only a sort of carbon paper,Blueblack, with the much-poked periods of starsLetting in the light, peephole after peephole . . .A bonewhite light, like death, behind all things.Under the eyes of the stars and the moon’s rictusHe suffers his desert pillow, sleeplessnessStretching its fine, irritating sand in all directions. Over and over … Continue reading

Plain Chant : Jean Cocteau / Pierre Jahan Photography

Je n’aime pas dormir quand ta figure habite, La nuit, contre mon cou ; Car je pense à la mort laquelle vient trop vite, Nous endormir beaucoup. Je mourrai, tu vivras et c’est ce qui m’éveille! Est-il une autre peur? Un jour ne plus entendre auprès de mon oreille Ton haleine et ton coeur. Quoi, … Continue reading

The poem is lonely… Paul Celan / Tibor Honty

The poem holds its ground, if you will permit me yet another extreme formulation, the poem holds its ground on its own margin. In order to endure, it constantly calls and pulls itself back from an “already-no-more” into a “still-here”. This “still-here” can only mean speaking. Not language as such, but responding and – not … Continue reading

Eternity And A Day : Theodoros Angelopoulos / Dionysios Solomos

‘The Easter Day’ by Greece’s National poet, Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857). This poem regained fame and popularity in Greece some years ago with the 1998 film Eternity And A Day (Μια αιωνιότητα και μια μέρα) by Theodoros Angelopoulos, who died earlier. (24 January 2012).   Alexandros (Bruno Ganz) walks along the seafront in Thessaloniki in Eternity And … Continue reading

Body Language : Charles Wright – Masao Yamamoto photography

The human body is not the world, and yet it is. The world contains it, and is itself contained. Just so. The distance between the two Is like the distance between the no and the yes,                                                                            abysmal distance, Nothing and everything, Just so. This morning I move my body like a spring machine Among the dormant and … Continue reading

Sleep Spaces – Robert Desnos / Carmen Lobo

In the night there are of course the seven wonders of the world and the greatness tragedy and enchantment. Forests collide with legendary creatures hiding in thickets. There is you. In the night there are the walker’s footsteps the murderer’s the town policeman’s light from the street lamp and the ragman’s lantern There is you. … Continue reading

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Dreams – Astor Piazzolla/ Carmen Lobo

Peter Seelig “Time is the reality of absence”

Elisabetta Meneghello “Astratto contemporaneo”

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