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Heidegger + Photographers = a dangerous melange


“Falling, for Heidegger*, comes up in the context of an attempt to recapture the “sight of dasein’s everydayness”, which can seem to have been lost in the analysis of sofindingness, understanding and telling (the existential structures of disclosedness). We must remember that in its everyday being-in-the-world, dasein is “absorbed in the anyone”. This implies that the anyone must have its own sofindingness, understanding and telling. Falling, then, is dasein’s adoption of the existential structures of disclosedness of the anyone. It is a falling into the sofindingness of the anyone, as well as the understanding of the anyone. And since the understanding is a projection of possibilities, it is an adoption of the possibilities recognized by the anyone.”

Kerry Skarbakka have a taste for danger. In an entitled series “Struggle to Right Oneself”, he photographed himself in positions very dangerous: falling of a tree, in full fall in staircases, on the point to jump of a bridge … To describe his work, the artist have take a quotes about the concept of the fall from the philosopher Heidegger. ” This project answers to this delicate state, kind of peak of the thought and the emotion (…). It is a question of investigating this metaphoric sublime space in which the balance reached its point of no return “, explains Skarbakka.

Kerry Skarbakka a le goût du risque. Dans une série intitulée Struggle to Right Oneself, il se photographie dans des positions plus que périlleuses : en train de tomber d’un arbre, en pleine chute dans les escaliers, sur le point de sauter d’un pont… Pour décrire son travail, l’artiste cite le concept de la chute chez le philosophe Heidegger. “Ce projet répond à cet état délicat, sorte de point culminant de la pensée et de l’émotion (…). Il s’agit d’explorer cet espace sublime métaphorique dans lequel l’équilibre a atteint son point de non-retour”, explique Skarbakka. (Les Inrocks)

Martin Heidegger* ( September 26, 1889 – May 26, 1976) was a German philosopher known for his existential and phenomenologicalexplorations of the “question of Being”.

His best known book, Being and Time, is considered one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century. In it and later works, Heidegger maintained that our way of questioning defines our nature.


One thought on “Heidegger + Photographers = a dangerous melange

  1. Fantastisches Thema hier – ich finde auch dass das so gehandhabt werden sollte.


    Posted by Logan Brownsworth | February 3, 2013, 2:19 pm

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